How To Choose Fresh Seafood

How To Choose Fresh Seafood

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You only have one mission every time you step into a market, and that is to buy the freshest product available, be it meat, poultry or seafood. Freshness is clearly the most important factor, especially when it comes to buying seafood. Here are what you should look for so as to make the process of buying fresh seafood easy.

1. Whole Fish

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Skin – The skin should look shiny and bright, and is firm and clear, with no trace of slime, dulled or discoloured patches
Scales – The scales should be tight to the body of the fish
Flesh – The flesh should be firm and should spring back when touched
Gills – The gills of fresh fish should be should be bright red or pink without mucus, and not brownish
Colour – There should be no browning around the belly cavity
Eyes – The eyes of the fish should be bright and clear and not cloudy or sunken in
Smell – Fresh fish should smell like the ocean – briny, fresh, and mild

2. Fish Fillet

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Flesh – The flesh should be translucent and even tone in colour with non-sticky surface
Skin – The skin should be bright with no milky substance as milky substance on a fillet indicates the first stage of rot
Colour – There should be no browning on the edges of the meat
Smell – There should be no pungent aromas

3. Shellfish – Mollusks (clams, mussels, oysters and scallops)

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Alive – The shells should be tightly closed
Shells – There should be no chips or cracks
Smell – There should be no fishy smell

4. Shellfish – Crustacea (shrimp, crab and lobster)

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Alive – They should be active and lively
Meat – For shrimps, the meat should be firm with legs intact
Body – For crabs, there should be no cracks in the body, claws, or edible legs.

5. Squid

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Eyes – The eyes should be should be clean, bright and full
Meat – The meat should be firm
Skin – There should be no tears in the skin