5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Frozen Seafood

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Frozen Seafood

Frozen seafood used to be frowned upon in the past, for reasons such as frozen seafood has poorer quality than its fresh equivalent. Even up to this day, many people are still assuming that frozen seafood will never be better than fresh seafood. However, do you know that the frozen seafood products we have now is actually more sustainable and economical than fresh ones, not to mention is delicious and nutritious as well? All thanks to today’s improved freezing technology, frozen seafood products have been gaining popularity and demands amongst consumers, and here are the reasons why you should consider stocking your freezer with frozen seafood instead.

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1. Environment

While fresh seafood products have to be air-freighted in order to reach most consumers, frozen seafood products on the other hand can be delivered via ship, rail, or truck, thereby reducing our environmental impact. Air freight is one of the more carbon intensive forms of shipping.

2. Quality

Contrary to popular belief, frozen seafood is actually of higher quality or equivalent to fresh seafood. The taste and nutrition of frozen seafood are locked in when they are frozen at sea or within hours of being harvested, therefore you are able to obtain the best seafood all year round.

3. Economy

It is certainly more economical when you buy frozen seafood, mostly because you only use exactly the amount you need, in contrast to fresh seafood whereby you will have to use it quickly before it starts to spoil. This way you get to prevent wastage and frozen seafood also allows you to buy more at a time for better pricing.

4. Safety

Frozen seafood can help to keep fishermen safer as there is no urgency in delivering fresh seafood immediately. With fishing being a difficult and dangerous line of work, the lack of urgency allows fishermen to choose to fish only in the best conditions along with a safer timeline.

5. Availability

Frozen seafood can be caught in season, thus keeping variety available throughout the year. You are then able to enjoy delicious and healthy seafood all year long without having to be restricted to what is available fresh today.